HPOOL Chia OG Calculator

Instead of trying to get "lucky" in the Chia lottery, you can start earning consistent early rewards today. Use this profitability calculator to check the potential profits from mining the Chia cryptocurrency (XCH) on HPOOL. Payouts are processed automatically every 24 hours.

Input your online power or number of OG plots

Online Power
Note: No contribution below Chia 2.00 TiB capacity
Number of Plots (of size 101.4GiB, k=32)
Note: No contribution below Chia 2.00 TiB capacity

Your approx. mining income with HPOOL today

Mining income today XCH
Mining income today USD
0.00 USD
Expected time to withdraw


Total network space
0.00 B 0.0000% owned by you
Pool Power
0.00 B 0.0000% owned by you
Solo farming Pool farming
Chance to win at least once 100% / minute 100% / minute
100% / hour 100% / hour
100% / day 100% / day
100% / month 100% / month
Expected time to win 1 minute 1 minute

Your approx. mining income with HPOOL after

Hourly XCH
0.0000 / hour
Daily XCH
0.0000 / day
Monthly XCH
0.0000 / month
Hourly USD
0.00 USD / hour
Daily USD
0.00 USD / day
Monthly USD
0.00 USD / month
Total earnings XCH
Total earnings USD
0.00 USD

Data needed for the calculations

Plotting Power
Plots per day
0.00 TiB per day
Max total space for plots
Pool Income
Pool income last 24h: XCH/PiB
Daily income from HPOOL: XCH/PiB
Pool Income Growth
% daily
Exchange Rate -0.00 USD (-0.00%)
per XCH
Withdrawable Amount
"Hidden fee"

Estimated Cost

Hardware cost
Number of plots to buy Sponsored

Plotting takes time and resources that can't be used after your farm is full. No need to buy and set up complicated rigs/hardware, let Chia Factory do the work!

Buy Plots
Total Cost
0.00 USD
Break even in
0 days*

How to withdraw XCH from Hpool?

You should be able to withdraw XCH from HPOOL as long as your total balance is greater or equal to XCH.

  • Be sure you have chosen "English" as your language at the right top of the webpage.
  • Go to "Personal Center / Assets".
  • From there click on "Withdraw" for Chia.

It is recommended to withdraw your rewards frequently and transfer it to a Chia wallet or some external exchange like OKEx.

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Buy/Sell Chia on OKEx
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